Rev. Doug Conley

District Superintendent

Ira_Headshot_2017 (1).png

Rev. Ira Towns

Assistant to the District Superintendent

Jeremy Malick

Training Specliast

Ask me about…
- Assimilation Training
- Stewardship Training
- Capital Campaigns
- Build-out Design

Yenory Orozco

Executive Assistant to the DS
& Office Manager

Ask me about…
- Church and Worker Resources
- DEXCOM Meetings
- District Events
- LO&CC Meetings
- Monday Memo

Betty Clayson


Ask me about…
- Budget & Finance Meetings
- District and Church Accounting
- Giving Statements

Laura Lores

Administrative Assistant to the ADS

Ask me about…
- Annual Reports
- Missions
- Ordination/Consecration Program
- Resumes


Rev. Richard Bower

Institutional/Non-Federal Chaplaincy Endorser

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